Massage Therapy

It has been around for centuries, so it’s strange that massage therapy is only recently being recognized in Western medicine for the many health benefits it provides. Massage therapy provides immediate benefits as it reduces pain, restores energy, and improves health. At Lexington Massage Therapy, we have been providing these benefits and more to our community for years and will continue to do so for the years to come. Now, let’s take a closer look into what exactly massage therapy is and how it can improve your life.

Massage Therapy Defined

Simply put, massage therapy is the manipulation of the body’s soft tissues: its muscles, tendons, ligaments, connective tissue, and skin. During a massage, a trained therapist uses a range of movements, techniques, and even degree of pressure to help relax muscles and increase blood flow to stiff or injured tissues. While disrobing is typically part of the massage process, don’t hesitate to discuss any modesty concerns with your therapist before your appointment. At Lexington Massage Therapy our clients’ comfort is our utmost priority.

Types of Massage

Massage therapy is a safe, non-invasive therapy method suitable for people of all ages. There are many types or styles of massage, and most therapists are trained in more than one. Some of the modalities we offer at Lexington Massage Therapy include:

  • Swedish Massage – Perhaps the best known and the most commonly performed type of massage therapy, Swedish massage combines a variety of gentle, vigorous, deep, and light strokes to energize the body and stimulate circulation.
  • Neuromuscular Therapy – The goal of Neuromuscular Therapy is to relieve pain by alleviating its underlying cause. During this type of massage, the practitioner uses a comprehensive approach of manipulating the soft tissue to help return balance to the musculoskeletal and central nervous systems. This therapy is especially helpful for releasing spasms and tight muscle tissue.
  • Deep Tissue Massage – The focus of Deep Tissue Massage is to affect the sub-layer of fascia and muscle. This type of therapy requires advanced training to be most effective. Along with a variety of movements, the practitioner will apply a strong degree of pressure to reach deep into the musculature. Deep Tissue Massage is an excellent choice for reducing inflammation and injury rehabilitation.
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage – A specific combination of strokes are used to stimulate the lymphatic fluids and help the body to naturally cleanse itself of toxins. Lymphatic massage is gentle and relaxing, so it is quite pleasant to receive. This technique can be performed as an individual treatment or incorporated into a traditional massage.

Whichever type of massage suits you best, you can count on our therapists to be professional and listen to your needs. Feel free to call with any questions for more information. One of our therapists will be happy to discuss the benefits of the techniques we offer and to answer any other questions you may have about massage therapy. Or, if you are ready to schedule your appointment today, click here to book online.


It relaxes muscles, easing and soothing your aches and pains. It rejuvenates, restoring balance to your body and being, making you better for all the things life throws your way. What are you waiting for?